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The superconductive electromagnetic engine is dream technology.
Air-bikes, air-cars, cars to fly in the air, highly efficient airplanes, flying bodies like UFO, new manned spaceships and so on can be realized.
It greatly promotes happiness of human beings.
Wishing it to be used as the engine of starships, I invented it according to the basic principles of physics and superconductivity.
I think that a superconductive magnet has big energy because it makes a big magnetic field which is strong and spreads in wide space.
Please think that it is the equipment which takes out this energy as kinetic energy.
If experimenting for confirmation of its principle, I am convinced that it succeeds but it is not done as long as I know.
I would like to ask your support.


Hidefumi Kubota

About "KUBOTA Hidefumi"

date of birth





political actitvity

24th November 1958


Chiba prefecture, Japan

1978-1983 Tokyo University, Japan
Batchelor of Law, March, 1983

1990-present superconductivity

1999-present as the president of Kyusei-kokumin-doumei
my computer and desk

About "Kyusei-kokumin-doumei"

"Kyusei-kokumin-doumei" means national union for salvation. Kyusei-kokumin-doumei is the political group which conserves the state, the people, families, and homes. We work in Japan mainly through the Internet. The image that I put below is the party flag of Kyusei-kokumin-doumei.

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