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Because it was decided that I could not get the patent, "APPEAL" was finished .
13th october 2011

I lost the case in the Intellectual Property High Court and appealed to the Supreme Court.
I am writing Statement of Reasons for Final Appeal.
This is the last chance to get the patent of the superconductive electromagnetic engine.
I cannot get the patent if I lose this.
I intended to perform a similar open call for participants when I get the patent.
However, Japanese judges are lack in understanding of the engine.
I need your help.
Therefore I suggest the next to people
who manufactured flying objects of the superconductive electromagnetic engines.

Please open the flying object of the superconductive electromagnetic engine
and the engine itself to people of the whole world.
Please do demonstration flight in the case of the exhibition.
Please open it to the mass-media.
Please open it on the Net.
Please exhibit that it is based on the theory of Hidefumi Kubota.
If possible, please do demonstration flight in Japan.

When I get the patent, in exchange for above,
I distribute
50% of money that deducted Japanese tax from the profit to get from the patent.

But Hidefumi Kubota owns the patent.
But I contract with only one group.
But I give priority to the group who manufactured Strange Craft
when there are plural applications.
This is because I think that Strange Craft is the first experiment success.
But there is no reward from me when the patent is not given.

To the representative of the group who have interest in this contract
Please contact by an email.


After the Supreme Court gave a judgment, it is late, so please apply as soon as possible.

I can speak only Japanese.
I can read and write English, but cannot speak.
In addition, there is no person who can speak English around me.

16th April 2011


Hidefumi Kubota

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