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Recruiting Partners

New and Last Proposal is here.

I welcome demonstration flights in Japan.
Please do demonstration flights in Japan
and show the existence of the UFO made in the earth to Japanese people.

16th April 2011

Hello everybody, welcome to my Website.
Regrettably to say, I don't have a prototype.
However, I think that Strange Craft or Drone which appeared in USA in the first half of 2007 is the one.
I think that the Strange Craft uses a superconductive electromagnetic engine as the hull of it.
And, I think some of the recent UFO sightings are the vehicles which use superconductive electromagnetic engines.
Then, I have the right to get a patent in only Japan but not in foreign countries.
In foreign countries, I would like to get only honor as the first person who invented the superconductive electromagnetic engine and its theory.
If you who are in foreign countries have an interest in manufacturing a vehicle with superconductive electromagnetic engines,
you are welcome to freely make it.

Sincerely yours,

Hidefumi Kubota

This recruitment has ended on March 31th, 2009.

To people who have manufactured a superconductive electromagnetic engine iJapanese application number; 2006-130763j

I am ready to conclude a contract to distribute my profit to the one who have manufactured a superconductive electromagnetic engine actually.

Contents of your reward
I distribute 40 percent of my profit from the patent, after I acquire a patent of superconductive electromagnetic engine in Japan,

Main conditions

1. You must manufacture a superconductive electromagnetic engine actually.

2. You must exhibit your success of the experiment on the superconductive electromagnetic engine and the manufactured superconductive electromagnetic engine to more than 4 mass media at least including a national newspaper and a key TV station, and the exhibition must be published through mass communication.

3. Your success of experiment must get priority in the scientific world by announcing your experiment on the superconductive electromagnetic engine through a famous scientific magazine.

4. You must exhibit the video reporting the success of your experiment on the superconductive electromagnetic engine thorough YouTube.

5. On each condition from 2.to 4., you must specify that the inventor of the superconductive electromagnetic engine is Japanese "Hidefumi Kubota".

Way of winning reward

1. You must conclude a contract with me.

2. You must fulfill all of five main conditions. Provided, however, that the date of finishing the fulfillment of 5 all conditions shall be earliest in the world.

3. You must send a report to me that all of the main conditions were filled and report the date by which I can confirm your fulfillment of each condition.

In order to fix your reward, you must execute above all 3 items.

Payment of reward

I pay your reward once in a year in May.

I transfer the reward to one bank account which you tell me.

Way of application

I would like to ask the people who can fulfill all five main conditions to contact me by e-mail.

E-mail; kubota@se-engine.org

Your e-mail must tell your name, your address, your nationality and your e-mail address.
And your e-mail must tell that you can fulfill all five main conditions.
You must use Japanese or English.

After your e-mail arriving, I send my e-mail to you with my original plan of the contract as an attached document.
After you read the plan, when you agree with it, please send me an e-mail telling you agree with it.

After your agreement, I mail two formal contracts which have my signatures.
One is yours. Another is mine.
Keep yours with your signature.
Please write your signature on my contract and send back it with your signature to my address which I tell.

Deadline of subscription is March 31th, 2009.
But, when the one who can get the reward is fixed, the deadline is then.

Notice of confirmation
After your report's arrival, when I can confirm that you finished fulfillment of all five main conditions earliest in the world, I mail the notice of the confirmation to you. But, I mail the notice in a month after the arrival in order to check.

Other conditions of the contract and matters to be attended

I can conclude more than one contracts.
Only the one who has finished fulfillment of all five main conditions earliest in the world can get the reward.
Disputes about this contract must be brought to the Tokyo District Court.
Your right to receive the reward cannot be assigned by dividing it.

About my application to Japan Patent Office iJapanese application number; 2006-130763j

At present, claims are as follows.

Japanese official text is here.

English (translated by me)
An engine for utilizing an electromagnetic force generated in a loop as a driving force, a braking force, and a buoyancy comprising:
iajthe loop through which ripple current of very high frequency flows in order to use the electromagnetic force generated in the loop by a magnetic field of a superconductive magnet;
ibjthe superconductive magnet arranged at a fixed position with respect to the loop so as to cancel an impulse of an electromagnetic force generated in the superconductive magnet by a magnetic field of the loop;
icjthe ripple current whose wavelength approaches to the circumference of the loop.
An apparatus for rotating an object which comprises the engines of claim 1 which are fixed to a rotating axis or its extension of the object and which give a momentum perpendicular to its turning radius and directed to a same rotative direction.
A power generator which turns its shaft by the apparatus of claim 2.

If you make public your results that you have manufactured a wonderful superconductive electromagnetic engine,
it becomes a strong push for my acquiring the patent in Japan.
When you conclude a contract with me, you also can receive profit from the acquired patent.
I would like to ask you to review my offer.

December 10th, 2008

Hidefumi Kubota

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