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Travelling Milky Way by Superconductivity

I, Hidefumi Kubota published Amazon Kindle eBook
"ROAD TO GALAXY: Travelling Milky Way by Superconductivity".
I would like to introduce this eBook.

Product Details
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 2715 KB
Publisher: Kubota, Hidefumi; 1.0 edition
(July 12, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Amazon's page is here: ROAD TO GALAXY
Kindle Price: $11.98
The humanity flies to the world of stars.
It is this book to give the power.
The superluminal flight has been considered impossible by the theory of relativity.
However, I found that a starship entered into superspace if we give a constant impulse.
Superstring theory and the M theory require 11 dimensions.
I made clear these 11 dimensions.
As a result, Minus world appeared.
A superluminal flight is possible if we enter into superspace called Minus world using the impulse.
Our space is not only one at all.
However, the huge impulse is necessary to enter into Minus world.
It is a superconductive electromagnetic engine that can supply this huge impulse.
The superconductive electromagnetic engine is a reactionless engine of inertial drive.
The engine uses newly discovered macro quantum effect of superconductivity as its principle.
I will explain theories, the mechanism and the structure of this superconductive electromagnetic engine carefully and clearly.
The superconductive electromagnetic engine produces renewable energy.
We can use this renewable energy as the energy of the starship.
We can use the centrifugal force by the superconductive electromagnetic engines as the gravity of the starship.
I will show a flight plan to a near fixed star by the starship equipped with the superconductive electromagnetic engines.
Starships which fly in the Galaxy
Travels in stars
Encounters with aliens
Exploration of the deep space
All the dreams to the space will be realized.
With this book, it is you to open the door of the Age of Great Voyages in the universe.

There are various documents made at different time related to the superconductive electromagnetic engine.
I separated the documents for every element, arranged all elements, devised the connection of the elements, added descriptions and polish.
I showed that we could get renewable energy by superconductivity theoretically.
I included my documents about cosmology.
I arranged the above along the theme of "Travelling Milky Way by Superconductivity" and added repeatedly polish such as corrections, additions.
I assumed force to act on an electron in a magnetic field "Lorenz force", force to act on an electric current in a magnetic field "electromagnetic force", repulsive force or attractive force to act on between magnets as "magnetic force" and distinguished them.
I devised figures to be easy to see.
Arrows of the solid line show force or an impulse.
Arrows of the broken line show momentum.
A circle of the broken line shows an electron pair.
A circle of the solid line shows an electron.

Table of Contents
Chapter I Theory of relativity and cosmology
Section 1 Possibility of the superluminal flight (special theory of relativity and cosmology)
ü×Minus world and imaginary numbers
ü×Rushing into Minus world
Section 2 G which acts on a spaceship (general theory of relativity and a spaceship)
ü×What is load
ü×Load in the outer space
ü×Load under gravity
Section 3 History of macrocosm
ü×Property of anti-gravitational matter
ü×History of our space
ü×Structure of the space of 11 dimensions
ü×N dimension space

Chapter II Superconductive electromagnetic engine
Section 1 Basic structure of electromagnetic engine
ü×Basic structure of the electromagnetic engine and characteristic functions
ü×Law of action and reaction
ü×What is electromagnet
ü×Lorentz force and magnetic force
Section 2 Superconductivity and Momentum order
ü×Superconducting phenomenon
ü×History of superconductivity
ü×BCS theory and ground state
ü×Momentum order
ü×Momentum order to act on permanent current
ü×Momentum order in permanent current's direction
ü×Perfect conductivity
ü×Momentum order in the electromagnetic force's direction
ü×Phenomenon caused by Momentum order in the electromagnetic force's direction
ü×Example of phenomenon in the electromagnetic force's direction
Section 3 Momentum order and superconductive electromagnetic engine
ü×Regulation by Momentum order and extinction of magnetic force
ü×Source of magnetic field by superconductive magnet
ü×Ripple current and alternating current
ü×Phenomenon caused by ripple current of high frequency
ü×Action by ripple current of high frequency in the electromagnetic engine
ü×Great mal-distribution of energy of magnetic field
ü×Shielding current and Momentum order
ü×Part of permanent magnet
ü×Whereabouts of reaction
ü×Method to perform exhaust heat
Section 4 Summary
Section 5 Explanation about questionable points
ü×About law of action and reaction
ü×About law of conservation of momentum
ü×Meissner effect and transport current
ü×Magnetic field by permanent magnet
ü×Influence of ripple current and alternating current
ü×About entropy
ü×About eddy current (shielding current)
ü×About relations with conventional technologies of applied superconductivity (Yamato 1 in particular)
ü×About induced electromotive force
Section 6 Experiment of the electromagnetic engine
ü×Method to experiment
ü×About Strange Craft
Section 7 Superconductive electromagnetic engine as invention
ü×Structure of the invention
ü×Good points of the invention
ü×Use of the invention
ü×Superconductive electromagnetic engine's question and answer

Chapter III Flying objects equipped with the superconductive electromagnetic engine
Section 1 Size of propulsive force and electric power of the electromagnetic engine
ü×Characteristic of propulsive force
ü×Concrete sample of calculation about propulsive force and electric power
ü×Supplements about ability of the superconductive electromagnetic engine
Section 2 Flying objects like UFO
ü×Type 1 Streamline type
ü×Type 2 disk type
ü×Problems of flying object like UFO
Section 3 Downsizing of the superconductive electromagnetic engine
ü×Cancellation of difficult point of downsizing
ü×About model to carry the engine on his back
ü×Air bike
ü×Air car
ü×Fuel cell
Section 4 To make conventional means of transportation highly advanced
ü×To make airplanes highly advanced
ü×Launching of satellite
ü×High-performance unmanned probe
ü×Flying motorcar
ü×Aerial flying train

Chapter IV Influence on humanity
Section 1 Free energy
ü×Gospel of free energy
ü×Second usage of the superconductive electromagnetic engine
ü×Concrete sample calculation of generation
ü×Rationale of generation by electromagnetic force generation
ü×Dirac sea and energy cycle
Section 2 Superconducting generator
ü×Reason why generation is possible
ü×Superconducting generator as invention
ü×Concrete sample calculation of Type 1
Section 3 Influence on society
ü×Feasibility of the superconductive electromagnetic engine
ü×Possibility of contribution to society
Section 4 Influence on space development

Chapter V Way to Galaxy space
Section 1 Travel to Galaxy
Section 2 To the space
ü×Advance to space
ü×Another Earth
ü×Position of Earth and alien
ü×Justice of spacenavy
Section 3 Superconductive electromagnetic engine and N dimension space

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