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Type1. experiment

This recruitment was stopped on April 18th, 2006.
Because the fact that the invention which was internationally applied for on November 11th, 2004 is unfinished was found with the developing of my research.
The subscription to have finished the procedure for us already is invalid, too.
After making public the new application for patent on 8th April 2006, a new recruitment is planned to start.

[1] Application method
Before you experiment, send an e-mail in which you write five points, your name, your e-mail address, your address, your nationality, your writing that you agree with the condition which is written in this Website. By return e-mail, I send an e-mail in which I write my address. Your application is complete when this e-mail reaches. Please proceed to your experiment and do your best.

E-mail: kubotaiATjse-engine.org

[2] The kind and amount of money which you can get as the reward

[3] The condition that you must meet to get the reward
Without my help, you manufacture the experiment equipment of the new technology, you ascertain the effect first in the world, and the result is reported as the world's first success of the experiment on the new engine in the CNN and you send a videotape or DVD of the report to KUBOTA Hidefumi's address. Moreover, following contents must be included in the report of the CNN.

[4] The way of settling the reward when meeting the condition

[5] The way to pay the reward and transfer the right to get the reward

[6] Matters to be attended

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