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Road to Star Ocean

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Chapter 1: The possibility of the super lightspeed flight (The special theory of relativity and my theory on the space)
Chapter 2: G which acts on a spaceship (The general theory of relativity and a spaceship)
Chapter 3: Traveling the Galaxy

Chapter 1: The possibility of the super lightspeed flight (The special theory of relativity and my theory on the space)

Section 1
The negative-world and the imaginary number


According to the special theory of relativity, [1] is formed. It is said the inside in the root number of [1] becomes minus and makes a imaginary number which doesn't exist when v becomes bigger than the velocity of light c and that makes one of the bases which make the super lightspeed flight impossible.
Is the imaginary number actually the number which can not exist? First, I think about so-called real numbers. The real number has a basis on matter in our world. Therefore, supposing that the matter is positive, all real numbers are positive, too. Then, we think about minus numbers -1 and so on. They are nothing but numbers we have put minus marks on the convenience of our calculations. Resultingly, the real numbers, both plus numbers and minus numbers are all positive numbers based on the matter.
Well, what are negative numbers against the real numbers which are positive? I think they are imaginary numbers. The imaginary numbers are the numbers which become positive when squared. In our positive number world, all numbers become positive when squared. However, it is logical to suppose all numbers in a negative number world become negative when squared. In the negative number world, the imaginary numbers do exist and become the real numbers in the negative number world. The imaginary numbers are essentially negative numbers.
Well, does the negative number world exist? As basis to support the existence of the negative numbers, antigravitational matter can be thought of, which repulsion works to the matter (There is a possibility that so-called antimatter such as antiproton is antigravitational matter). Electric power and magnetic power have gravitation and repulsion. Gravitation acts between matter and matter. Equally gravitation acts between antigravitational matter and antigravitational matter. Therefore I suppose repulsion acts between matter and antigravitational matter. I think the world of this antigravitational matter is the negative number world. In our world, the antigravitational matter is not found, because the repulsion worked in the process of the space forming and has formed their unique world apart from our matter world. Then, there is no basis to deny this negative number world was generated in the process of the space forming and the very existence of the antigravitational matter world makes it possible to think the whole world is symmetrical. As long as the structure of the space is pending, I think such assumption is not forbidden.
I consider the history of the space from the relation between matter and antigravitational matter. At the beginning of the space, matter and antigravitational matter were in minimal space. In this case, the repulsion which acted between matter and antigravitational matter was extremely strong and as an unstabilizing factor, it made very big power to expand space. From this, the inflationary space is explicable. Then it is unnecessary to consider the negative pressure occurred in the space on the supercooling condition and resulted in the inflation.
When the expansion of the space moved ahead, matter and antigravitational matter were scattered into each unique spaces. And as they existed in the maximal space, the repulsion and the gravitation intersected and acted as stabilizing factors.
Hereinafter, we call our world of matter the positive-world and call the world of antigravitational matter the negative-world.



If the imaginary numbers are the real numbers in the negative-world, what do [2] and [3] in v>c mean? [2] is a formula about matter. But it is difficult to think matter converts into antigravitational matter. And matter follows the nature of its peculiar time and space. Therefore, [2] means the existence of matter in the negative-world. In other words, at super lightspeed, matter can shift into the negative-world. Case of [3] means the time in the negative-world passes on the matter at super lightspeed in the negative world.
Incidentally, doctor Hawking admit the imaginary time. But as long as physics is the science which handles existence, it means the imaginary numbers do exist. Also, if the existence of Einstein's space clause is admitted, I think it means the existence of the repulsion of antigravitational matter in the negative-world.

Section 2
The rush into the negative-world
In the negative-world, the super lightspeed flight becomes possible. Well, by what means can we rush into the negative-world? It is a wall that our mass becomes infinite when our speed approaches the velocity of light.



However, I discovered [1] can be integrated by the speed at the section from 0 to c. Because there is a formula [4], [5] is available. This integration has a definite answer, and that means infinite mass can be gotten by giving the mass definite impulse ( force*time) of pimc/2. By this, we think the wall of infinite mass is cleared.
Then, you suppose speed of a spaceship approached lightspeed and mass of the spaceship became infinite by giving impulse. You can think increased mass is used for rushing into the negative-world because mass is equivalent to energy. It is possible to think we can go to another world by using the infinite energy, too. Also, by Lorentz's shrinkage, it is possible to think that our sizes become 0 and pass through the wall between two worlds, too.
I try to think about this from the structure of our world. The structure of our world is pending but it is clear that the space has warps according to the theory of relativity and so on. I think our world is non- Euclid where parallel lines cross. From macroscopic point of view the Newtonian dynamics is applicable, while from microscopic point of view the quantum mechanics is applicable. On the other hand, in human size world Euclidean geometry is applicable while in space size world the non-Euclidean geometry is applicable. Then, the destination where crossed parallel lines go is the negative-world. You can think it means spaceships rush into the negative-world if they advance straight in that way.

Cf. figure 1

Then, if supposing space is warped, a spaceship in the deep space does not go straight if it moves with uniform velocity. We need to give force to make it go straight. For that purpose, we should give the impulse of pimc/2.
What relation do the negative-world and the positive world have? Because the negative-world is the world of antigravitational matter and symmetrical world to the positive-world, it can be sufficiently thought of that the negative-world is the world of shadow against the positive world. The world of the shadow is assumed by the superstring theory, too.

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